February 1, 2023

Well at least they submitted their work to us for review….The following are the links to the first three sites we have seen and reviews by myself and Mink Hippie….Bernest will be on hiatus for a short time as he searches for the meaning of life in Western China and The American South.
Dennis Towers
I’d like to thank Dennis for submitting his site…The commentary for the above piece is “Multiplicity | Many Worlds what can happen does happen. all outcomes simultaneously exist as mutually unobservable but equally real worlds.” I don’t get the profound nature of what he has done. I don’t have aspergers. Some explanation please….cd
Am I missing some functionality on this site? Seems kind of ….sparse. Don’t get much of an impression, but I kind of like the few designs I can see. Hmmmmm… mh
Warren Gillie
These are pretty interesting. I find Gillie’s biographic information to be of value in evaluating his art. He has never had any training but has been doing this for about 30 years. His love for the male form is obvious. I would be curious to know if he works with models or simply imagination. The colors of the backgrounds are a bit a harsh for my taste. There is a slight twistedness to all of the forms which draws me to feel some sort of torment…. cd
Texas, eh? Could be cool, or could be scary. Might have an intersting perspective. The sculptures creep me out a little – they have names. Make me think he might be a serial killer immortalizing his victims. He probably won’t kill us, though, so why not? I get the feeling that
this is a profoundly weird guy….mh
Jacob Mallach


Okay, I really like this guys work. It reminds me a little bit of those scratchy cartoons from the 60’s and a little bit of anime, in particular the one above makes me think of “Castle in the Sky”. There is a dreamlike feeling that keeps things meaningful but slightly elusive… dig it…cd
Seems like a good bet. A nice creative type. I like the comments on his work. Have a hunch he might be a little verbose or preachy – don’t know why exactly. But seems like a good person to try out. –mh

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