February 4, 2023
Rome, Italy
Rome wasn't built in a day, but you can certainly see some of it in 24 hours if you don't have more time. A cheap flight from Fes, Morocco with no frills, uncomfortable carrier Ryan Air got me to Rome's Ciampino Airport from Fes Sais Airport with an ultra cheap fair of about $60 including the taxes. Not bad for a transcontinental flight.

Colleseuem in RomeI arrived around 10 pm and as usual, I had no idea where I was going to stay, but I figured Rome would be pretty easy to find a place to stay in. I had met an Argentine backpacker named Josephina on the plane and she asked if I was heading to the center called Termini. That was actually all that I had planned. She spoke no English and my Spanish is terrible, but we somehow found the cheap bus to Termini and she indicated she was going to a hostel and I should check it out. I agreed. The Rome Airport Shuttle took us to Termini for 15 Euro each.

Once at Termini we used the maps and addresses she had printed out to wander around the dark streets of Rome around midnight looking for a hostel. Finally, after asking a half dozen very friendly Romans who spoke neither Spanish or English, we found it. Josephina was in, but as for me and the Indian guys who had been leaving when we arrived, there was no room for us. After a few minutes, the clerk told me “I’m sorry, we have no room, but follow those Indian guys that left a few minutes ago, I sent them to our other hostel, just go out and go right and follow them.”

I said goodbye to Josphina and ran out the door. The Indian guys were already well down the street and so I ran to catch up. Not wanting to scare them, I began to shout as I got closer and had exactly the opposite effect since after all it was 1 am in the rough streets around Termini station and a madman they didn’t know was running at them and shouting “Hey, are you the Indian guys? Do you speak English?”

The two of them split apart and began to run in opposite directions!!!! Stuck between the desire to feel bad for scaring them and the desire to laugh as they reacted just as the lovable guys in Bollywood films would have, I stopped and shouted “The guy from the hostel told me to follow you, he has no more room.”

They both stopped and we trudged down the streets and into the darkness together, a strange trio looking for a place to sleep. Eventually, we found a room for the three of us to share, we went out for a late night beer and some pizza, and we all became friends.

The important part was that I had arrived in Rome. The funny part was that I was sharing a room with two Indian guys I scared the crap out of by chasing them down the streets at 1 am. Here is a fun little slideshow of a few things I saw in Rome over the next few days…

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3 thoughts on “Arriving in Rome – Scaring the Indians

  1. That reminds me of driving around late at night with a car load of buddies. Finding one or two guys standing by themselves we’d pull up and I’d start yelling, “Is that the guy Mikey, Is that the Guy? Tell me thats the fn guy”
    Seeing a carload of guys pull up and start pointing and shouting would often make someone a fine long distance runner. Youth is wasted on the youths 8)

  2. That’s just cruel Nick. If you’d have done that to me on a bridge, I probably would have jumped. And people think Canadians are nice…ha ha…

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