February 5, 2023

Week of 9/13/2020


In memorium of those who died on 9-11 and the millions of Iraqi, Syrian, Afgani, Libyan, and other children who died as a result of our incoherent and selfish response to a terrorist attack carried out by Saudi Arabian extremists.

Global Covid Cases: 29,055, 013

Global Covid Deaths: 885,129 926,009

New Deaths: 40,880 avg of 5840 per day up from 5238

US Covid Cases: 6,690,810

US Covid Deaths: 198,239

New Deaths: 5283 754 avg per day down from 859 but as noted before, these numbers are political so they are suspect.

Hawaii Covid Cases: 10588 (avg 127 per day)

Hawaii Covid Deaths: 97

Oahu Covid Cases: 9559 (avg 113 new per day)

New Deaths Last Week: 13 – down from 22 the week before Lt. Gov. Josh Green tested positive. Lockdown renewed for two weeks more.

Other Covid News: A new study says more than 250,000 COVID-19 cases between Aug 2 and Sept 2 came from the Sturgis Rally. That’s approx 19 percent of all U.S. cases added last month. The paper’s authors also concluded that the rally resulted in $12.2B in public health costs Taped interviews by Bob Woodward show that Trump knew Covid-19 was deadly and a huge threat back in February and everything he said publicly from that time about the disease was a lie. Surprising no one after what might be called Idiotfest – the Sturgis motorcycle rally several weeks ago – the Dakotas now lead the nation with the highest rates of new Covid-19 cases. Brazil and India still trail the US in total cases and numbers dead – but unfortunately both countries appear to be catching up. One would hope that no country would ever catch up to the number of dead in the USA – now close to 200,000 people. In the US, the states of Texas, Florida, and California continue to vye for the top death and case positions but all still lag far behind New York and New Jersey where people were decimated early on in this global disaster. An interesting note however, when one looks at deaths per one million population a different story emeges with the worst mortality being in the Northeast early on and then moving firmly into the South.

Political and Election News: In the interviews with Woodward – this was the craziest reveal among many (in my opinion) :

Trump said, “I have built a nuclear — a weapons system that nobody’s ever had in this country before. We have stuff that you haven’t even seen or heard about. We have stuff that Putin and Xi have never heard about before. There’s nobody — what we have is incredible.”

Anonymous sources confirmed that the U.S. military had a secret new weapons system and they were unpleasantly surprised Trump disclosed it.

News sources keep saying Trump is behind in the polls and is going to lose. Apparently he already blew is 800 Million + wad…. think of that How many millionaires do you know? – effectively he just took 800 millionaires and spent everything they had on a losing campaign. CNN says that he is worth less than he was when he was elected. I don’t believe it for a second. I also don’t believe he will lose. All of those projections hinge on a fair election and we already know – Trump and his minions cheat -that’s why so many of them are already convicted or locked up. I really want to be wrong about this but I’d bet dollars to donuts – Trump has more than he did when he became president but it’s put away somewhere safe in case he has to bolt.

International News: The US is pulling up to 2200 troops out of Iraq by September. The more the better. Can we pull the troops from pretty much everywhere please? Can we then convert them into National Service Troops who make America better with their work in healthcare, education, sanitation, and recreation?

Economic News: Over 100k jobs lost in the oilfield services sector since April. Unemployment numbers went the wrong direction with 1.7 million new claims last week. 18.4% of the labor force is on unemployment insurance. That’s 29.6 million people – and that’s just those who qualify or applied for the benefit. Economically speaking – we aren’t in the toilet, the toilet is broken and shit is spilling all over the floor and spreading rapidly.

Natural Disasters/Climate Change News: Fires destroyed Europe’s largest migrant camp on the island of Lesbos in Greece. It had been under Covid-19 lockdown. Fires are out of control and spreading in Oregon, Washington, and California.

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