February 8, 2023


A noise nuisance device being used by shopkeepers to deter gangs of youths has been banned at a Newport shop – in case it breaches human rights.
The Spar shop in Caerleon Road has been told by Newport Community Safety Partnership (NCSP) not to use it.
The device, called a Mosquito, works by emitting a high pitched irritating noise audible only to young people.
The NCSP says it is “indiscriminate” and can be heard by all youngsters, not just anti-social gangs of youths.
A spokesman for the NCSP said: “We have a responsibility to the human rights and health and safety of the whole community to consider before approving the device or investing in more of them.
“Our issue with the device is that it is indiscriminate. It may well target yobs and move them on but other children use the shop as well.

BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Anti-gang noise box switched off

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