January 26, 2023

T Monroe sent this to me about a week ago…. I really like his music, his lyrics, and his style. Get out there and root for him at the battle of the bands and download his tunes today. It’s better than good. thanks for the heads up T. By the way, have you considered releasing an album through Lorelai Records?
I really like this one. Fun to listen to. Some clever lyrics. I would have to add Pearl Jam to the “influences” – and I mean that in the best possible way. Plays out a fair amount in the LA-area – sounds like a great show from the comments. Going to be in the finals of an LA “battle of the bands” for A+R Records on 12/26. Wrote a book, too – available for dig download for $6. (How about getting it out there for free, T?)
T Monroe and his music www.myspace.com/8thdayfall

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