February 5, 2023

This is a funny thing to do, but it’s nice to have a blog that’s all about me so I can do this kind of balderdash. I’m still in Marseilles very much loving it, though to be honest, mostly just enjoying the fact that I’ve got this lovely apartment and the time to work and think while I’m here.

15th Arondissement Marseille

Today I took a bus up to the 15th Arondisment , or the quartiers du Nord and wandered around a bit. It’s the rough part of Marseille but I found it was mostly immigrants from North Africa and Senegal. Three of the ten or so people I spoke with had booze breath and I saw one middle aged skinhead chugging Heineken on the bus and tossing the cans out the window. A rough looking Senegalese kid got up and gently gave his seat to an old Moroccan lady and I learned what Algerian Berber sounds like – not that I’d recognize it if I hear it again, but who knows. I might.

I also got some much needed prep for the WTM London done and managed to convince myself to write another novel for NANOWRIMO in November despite the busy month I have planned.

This is the novel I’m going to write in November for #nanowrimo  #nanowrimo2012  What do you think?

Title: The Keys of the Riad

Short Synopsis: The discovery of a ring of ancient keys leads a  career focused woman on a journey through the exotic world of mystics and fortune tellers.

Thats as much as I know now…aside from the fact that I can’t think of a good synonym for career focused woman….

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