February 1, 2023

To find out more about this incredible event invented by the country that had mobile phones in every hand in the 80’s and that inspired a plastic boot maker called Nokia to make small mobiles….check out the official phone throwing site http://www.savonlinnafestivals.com/en_index.htm

Anyone wanting to throw away their mobile phone can do it in style and may even win a medal — at the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship, Finland’s latest contribution to offbeat athleticism.
Originally a local event in this small town close to the Russian border, the seventh annual contest on Saturday drew some 100 throwers from as far afield as Canada, Russia and Belgium.
Founder Christine Lund describes the event as a good source of light exercise with an environmentally friendly twist. “There are a lot of mobile phones on the second-hand market, and we are recycling them (before they become toxic waste),” she said.
The inventive Finns had already given the world the Sauna World Championships and the Wife Carrying Competition before coming up with a new way to make mobile phones even more mobile.
This year’s gold medal went to Finland’s Lassi Etelatalo, who flung a scrapped Nokia unit a forceful 89.00 metres. “I prepared by javelin throwing, I haven’t really practised throwing mobile phones,” Etelatalo told Reuters.
In the freestyle event, Dutchman Elie Rugthoven’s phone landed outside the designated area, but he still won silver thanks to a phone juggling performance that impressed the judges.
Lund says competitors all have their favourite throwing brand. “People choose by size, by colour or by how it fits in the hand … Some believe a heavy model will ensure a long throw, some want a light one.”

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