January 31, 2023

I was very bummed to go over to RocketBoom and find that Amanda Congdon is no longer hosting the daily V-log. You can check out what happened and the continuing adventures of Amanda at her blog below. It seems to be a typical case of success causing a ‘friend’ to ditch everything that isn’t in writing, the responsibilities of being a friend, and in general prove themselves to be a real asshole. I’ve been through it. That’s why now I put everything in writing, have very low expectations of my friends, and am enjoying a life of poverty in paradise. Low expectations lead to pleasant surprises…or at least satisfaction.
Seriously, am bummed for Amanda, and if she ever wants to bring her creative talents and qurky humour to Incredible Fukn.us  the door is open. On top of that my expectations are low. Even lower than the pay. There is no pay. Now that is low.
So, check out Amanda’s blog, boycott Rocket Boom, and help me find a trade for my four boxes of PEZ.

Amanda UnBoomed

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