January 31, 2023
Hawaii Aloha

After several years off the internet – Vagobond is back.  I started Vagobond back in 2008 after graduating from the University of Hawaii. Vagobond and I travelled all over the world. I separate us because while I am Vagobond (aka Vago), Vagobond.com became something of it’s own. A community of writers, travellers, photographers, and friends. In 2016, amid massive internet wide hacks – Vagobond was hacked and infected with a huge number of viruses which were then being distributed outwards to the community we had built, new friends, and strangers. It was not good. So I made the decision to remove Vagobond.com from the internet for a while. During the time the site was offline, my family and I moved back to where it all began – the Hawaiian Islands also known throughout the world as paradise found.

I never really had the chance to share Hawaii with the world while I was travelling – I was too busy taking in and sharing the wonders of other places. So it seems fitting that now that I’m back home and Vagobond.com is back on the internet – that I start out sharing the only place that has ever felt like home to me.

E Komo Mai – Welcome to Vagobond. We will have many journeys together but for me, all things begin in Hawaii.

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