January 30, 2023

(My favorite Ali G is either “Throw the Jew down the well” or his interview with C. Everett Koop…cd)
Booyakasha! Ali G has apparently struck again.
For his latest stunt, the HBO comedian, whose real name is
Sacha Baron Cohen, crashed the wedding of
Pamela Anderson’s pooches–and crashed into Anderson herself.
As caught on film by the Los Angeles-based photo agency X-17 and recounted by British newspapers, Anderson was on the beach in Malibu on Aug. 17 reportedly presiding over a “marriage ceremony” between her two dogs, a golden retriever named Star and the Chihuahua Luca. (Let’s hope that honeymoon video doesn’t leak out on the Internet.)
Enter what appears to be Cohen, on an inflatable turtle raft and in the guise of one of his characters, Kazakhstani journalist Borat Sagdiyev. He landed on the shore and ambushed the 38-year-old Baywatch-er, literally knocking her over. The X-17 pictures of the encounter show the man, which the agency identifies as Cohen, being dragged back out to sea by Anderson’s unamused security detail.
Reps for Anderson refused comment Tuesday on either the takedown or the doggy wedding. Neither did HBO nor Cohen’s person publicist, Matt Labov.
It’s not immediately clear whether Cohen was invited to the event, or if he simply crashed it in the hopes of using the footage in his upcoming third season of the Emmy-nominated Da Ali G Show.
HBO reps have been characteristically tight-lipped about filming this year. With his show’s popularity growing, it has become tougher for Cohen to carry out his pranks.
New York magazine reported last month that Cohen was having a difficult time fooling anyone in Manhattan when he boarded a New York subway as Borat. Per the July 11 report, Cohen was “recognized almost instantly” as he introduced himself as the fictional journalist speaking broken English and trying to kiss “surprised men.”
A recent New York Times feature noted the 34-year-old funnyman is “finding it more difficult to find targets for often offensive questions he poses to unsuspecting politicians” like Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston, who initially agreed to an interview only to back out when an aide hip to Cohen’s shtick tipped off his boss.
Cohen is giving his beloved Borat character a workout this year. In addition to the new season of Da Ali G Show, Cohen is working on Borat: The Movie, a mockumentary on Kazakhstan’s sixth most popular journo, which is due in 2006 and is being directed by Seinfeld alumnus and Curb Your Enthusiasm executive producer Larry Charles. He also stepped away from his Ali G characters to voice a lemur in the hit summer ‘toon Madagascar.
While Cohen can clearly dish out the harassment, he may not be able to take it. The comic actor reportedly lashed out at veteran celebrity photographer Richard Corkey last month as the shutterbug tried to snap a photo of the comedian and his fiancee, Australian-bred actress
Isla Fisher, at an after-party following the Manhattan premiere of the Wedding Crashers, in which she costars.
Newspaper accounts said Cohen put the photographer in a chokehold and berated him for not asking permission to snap away.
Corkey is still deciding whether to file civil charges stemming from the dust-up.

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