January 29, 2023

(Just released today! The US ranks 17 with a score of 7.6 out of 10, with 10 being squeaky clean.)
2005 CPI map

London / Berlin, 18 October 2005 — More than two-thirds of the 159 nations surveyed in Transparency International’s 2005 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) scored less than 5 out of a clean score of 10, indicating serious levels of corruption in a majority of the countries surveyed.
The 2005 Index bears witness to the double burden of poverty and corruption borne by the world’s least developed countries.
“Corruption is a major cause of poverty as well as a barrier to overcoming it,â€? said Transparency International Chairman Peter Eigen. “The two scourges feed off each other, locking their populations in a cycle of misery. Corruption must be vigorously addressed if aid is to make a real difference in freeing people from poverty.â€?
Despite progress on many fronts, including the imminent entry into force of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, seventy countries – nearly half of those included in the Index – scored less than 3 on the CPI, indicating a severe corruption problem. Among the countries included in the Index, corruption is perceived as most rampant in Chad, Bangladesh, Turkmenistan, Myanmar and Haiti – also among the poorest countries in the world.

CPI 2005 In Focus

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