February 1, 2023

A few years ago when I was promoting Rough Living: Tips and Tales of a Vagabond, I made the acquantance of Eric Brossier, the Captain of the polar yacht Vagabond. Some day I hope to have the time to take him up on his offer to crew on Vagabond. In the meantime, I love following the adventures of the Vagabond via logbook….

Vagabond, polar yacht, logistics for expedition: Log Book
Seal meat for everyone, that was on the menu yesterday, for Sébastien’s 30th birthday. Early morning, 4 polar bears were already eating a big seal, not far from Vagabond. At least hunting went good for one of them, he then had to share it with 3 others who arrived not long after the event. Then the birds pounced on the leftovers. Our dogs had to wait we finished our good seal meat panful, then they wolfed down the few bits of fat we gave them. About sea ice, no change. Also fog and drizzle are back, in the image of the defeat of the French team…

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