February 5, 2023

Okay Folks, Act I was the riots in Paris, Act II is obviously the rioting in Sydney, and it seems pretty clear to me that Act III is widespread rioting in Urban America when The Terminator terminates Tookie. Can it be averted? Sure it can, but only if Arnold decides to allow Tookie to live. In other news, the UN is warning about the possiblility of war in Ethiopia and Eritrea and probably not to the surprise of Fukn.us readers (Thanks to Mink Hippie) George Weah, the former soccer star in Liberia turned politician, is claiming to have won the election in Liberia (which he lost), which in turn threatens to destabilize the entire West African region where illegal diamond mining and logging by Liberian former rebels are already undermining efforts to restore political stability, according to lobby group Global Witness. So, back to the grind people and remember, it could always be worse…and it probably will be.
Second night of riots hits Sydney
Violence triggered by race tensions has hit Sydney for a second night, with youths damaging cars and shops.
A reporter in the suburb of Cronulla, where dozens were arrested after riots on Sunday, described scenes of “chaos”.
Police said carloads of people had come into the area from other parts of Sydney and committed violent acts.
Australian Prime Minister John Howard condemned the weekend’s attacks by thousands of young white men on people of Arabic and Mediterranean background.
“We have shops damaged at Caringbah, cars damaged at Cronulla,” said a spokesman for New South Wales police. “We have six arrests at this stage.”
A reporter from the ABC national radio network said some of the people coming into Cronulla had carried out attacks on property.
‘Bricks thrown’
At the nearby suburb of Brighton-Le-Sands, “a smaller crowd has thrown bricks and other objects at police cars and passing motorists”, the reporter said.
Earlier in the evening police had confiscated iron bars from parks and the roofs of buildings at nearby Maroubra. Police believed they had been stored there by residents.
The ABC also reported police were monitoring cars travelling through the suburb of Rockdale, and large groups of people gathering in Punchbowl and Peakhurst.
Thousands of young white men attacked people of Arabic and Mediterranean background on Cronulla Beach on Sunday.
The fighting injured more than 30 people, including police officers, and at least 16 people were arrested.
The clashes follow an assault on two lifeguards last week, reportedly by youths of Middle Eastern origin.

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