February 2, 2023

In honor of Miss Japan/Universe I would like you to know how to swear in Japanese. I first learned Japanese swear words when my foreign exchange friend in high school Jun Otsuka taught a bunch of American boys to say what they thought was “You are pretty” etc when a group of girls from our sister city in Osaka came for a visit…instead Jun was teaching us things similar to those below…the girls were shocked and we were all amazed at how bashful they were. Jun was simply laughing. he was definitely a terror suspect.

Japanese Language Phrase Meaning
“Chikubi, Chichi” Nipples
“Nani mitendayo, kora!” What the fuck are you looking at?
“seshe, speruma” Sperm
“Urusai, kono bakayaro!” “Shut up, noisy idiot!”
(O)meko Cunt (west Japanese dialect)
wa motomonai desu is ugly
Abazure Hussy
Ahou Moron
Ama Bitch
Ama Bitch
Amai mitsu wo ajiwaitai I want to taste your sweet nectar
Anata baka chibi ike ike You stupid chubby bitch
Anata no ikei wo miru to totemo koufun shimasu You are the dumbest person I have ever seen
Anata no ketsu wa kusa da oyobi ore wa shibakariki da. “Your ass is grass, and I’m the lawnmower.”
Anata no manko ga nurete imasu ka? Is your pussy wet?
Anata wa baka yaro desu You’re a fuckin’ idiot
Anata wa dame des You are a nasty person
Anata wa dame desu You’re no good
Anata wa sei desu? Do you want to have sex
Anatano ohkaasan wa kuso desu! Your mother is shit!
Ano jore-me That slut!
Ano sutorippaa wa ore no me no mammae de suitichi o irete yagatta. That stripper was fingering her clit right in front of my face.
from YouSwear.com

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