January 28, 2023

Now in the realm of disgusting acts, this one takes the cake, you have to wonder about the psychology behind how it came about. The Scene: The 3rd floor apartment of a stoned loser. The Cast: Stoned Loser, Fat Chick 1, Fat Chick 2
Stoned Loser: Man, I wish I had some money. I need to buy some weed.
Fat Chick 1: Would you pass me that bucket of chicken?
Fat Chick 2: That’s all the napkins, good thing we have these papertowels….
Stoned Loser: I’ve gotta take a leak (going into the bathroom). GROSS! Which one of you stopped up the toilet and didnt’ flush?
Fat Chick 2: It was already stopped up when I got there…
Fat Chick 1: I tried to flush it…
Stoned loser: If only there were a way to make money with all this shit…
Fat Chick 2: We’ve got the paper towels too…(laughter all around)
Fat Chick 1: (looking out the window) Wow, that guy just withdrew a big fat wad of Euro’s from that ATM across the street….
Stoned Loser: Hey…I’ve got an idea….
and on to our story…..

BERLIN (Reuters) – Thieves in Germany stole 7,500 euros ($9,554) from a man by throwing feces at him from behind and then pick-pocketing him while they pretended to help clean up the mess, authorities said Monday.After withdrawing 8,000 euros from a bank for a holiday the man was struck in the back of the neck by what he described as human feces, police in the central town of Giessen said.
“Immediately afterwards two large women came up to him from behind and claimed they had seen someone excreting down onto the street from above,” police said in a statement.
The two women then began briskly wiping the filth from the man’s clothing with paper towels they had with them. They were soon joined by a third man, who also came bearing paper towels.
Only when the man went to take his foul-smelling trousers to cleaners did he notice that 7,500 euros had been taken from his back pocket by one of the would-be helpers, police said.

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