January 29, 2023

A craigslist ad for the rental of a walk-in closet here in lovely Kailua is causing consternation (as below). Creativity in small spaces is par for the course in desirable locations – this closet would probably be a palace by Manhattan or Aspen standards. In Aspen, I lived in the breakfast nook of a one-BR apartment and in a 6 x 9 foot dorm room. So, there’s nothing wrong with renting out a closet – it does however serve as some sort of indicator of reaching critical mass. As my friends in Colorado would say, we’ve been Aspenized.

There are more and more examples of just how tight the local housing market is, from tales of simple homes in regular neighborhoods going for close to a million dollars to stories of families tripling up in shoebox apartments.
But the one making the rounds this week is a high-water mark.
Among listings of rooms for rent was a closet — a closet! — in a Kailua house, for $100 a month. There were 33 replies and the closet was rented immediately.
The walk-in was advertised on the Web site Craigslist.org.
The posting, dated Feb. 10, made it clear that this closet was intended for living space:
“We are 4 professionals living in a very spacious house. We have a huge walk-in closet downstairs outside living areas that is being used for storage. You can fit a twin bed in there and probably a small nightstand. We can power your closet with some extension cord.

A renter hangs out in a closet – The Honolulu Advertiser

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