January 28, 2023

A few readers have recently asked me if I screen or select or edit what any of the writers here at Incredible Fukn.us post. The answer is no. All of the bloggers here have total editorial control for their own posts. I have also given that to David with regards to his letters from Iraq. As David pointed out, he and I have some different views about things, but I think it is important to foster expression and discussion. There is no way to do that if I am only letting people post things that I agree with. Me being a fascist about what is posted here isn’t any fun for anyone. That being said, I am in the drivers seat. It is a position of some small power and responsibility. I recognize that me bashing my points doesn’t do anything to make Incredible Fukn.us more interesting, so when I have an issue with something Bernest, The Rev, Mink, or Bambi posts, I engage in conversation with them off the site. I also encourage them to post whatever they want, even if it doesn’t fit with what I believe.
So in general readers, what you read here written by me, is what I believe. David’s letters from Iraq are what he is going through, seeing, and doing. And posts from Mink, Bernest, Bambi, or The Rev reflect their views. Same thing goes for comments.  Keep em coming!
Chris Damitio
Chairman of the Fukn Bored

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