January 28, 2023

I’ve always had a strange sort of sympathy for luddites. If Ted K. hadn’t of killed people, his ideas would have been much more powerful. Don’t get me wrong, I like technology, I use it all the time. In our world, you have to, if you want to survive. Of course, that creates certain vulnerabilities…especially in America. Imagine the havoc you could create by simple acts of vandalism/sabotage that don’t directly take any life. Slashing the tires on a few hundred semi trucks, creating road jams, interrupting electricity, and computer service. For those of a “Save the Planet” by any means type, we can simply call it mining and logging. Mining the substations (you know those abandoned buildings with big fences) and logging the power poles. If you doubt the effect a small group could have on the larger economic system…check out the following..

About 1,900 homes in Pacific Palisades lost power Wednesday when a pole fell.
A pole holding power lines fell in an area that is not accessible by roads. Teams hope to use a helicopter to replace the pole or fix the power lines some how, HECO officials said.

.and be sure to note that this is just one pole coming down….
A list of ELF type Actions
Of course you want to be careful who you become involved with. I spent quite a bit of time in Eugene a few years ago, as I detail in 20 Weeks a Bum and sat around campfires with anarchists and probably saboteurs. They were wreckless and irresponsible as can be seen in this story about some of them.

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