February 8, 2023

(Thanks Farid!!!)

Here is another tip for getting food:
It’s similar to dumpster diving………. Grade school-ers tend to get bag lunches that are half healthy and half junk. The funny thing is that they tend to throw away the good stuff – fruit, carrot sticks, good sandwiches, milk etc and they keep their cookies to eat. So if you grab the plastic liner full of “garbage” out of the can (especially by the cafeteria or where most kids eat), you can have DAYS worth of food still in their plastic baggies (maybe wash the fruit that the milk got spilled over.) If you act like one of the janitors or tell the janitor you are from the county doing a survey on food waste, you will have no troubles (especially if you can put a fresh bag in the can – after all, less work for them!) Also, since you have several days’ worth of food and there are several grade schools, you never are overworking a spot.

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