January 28, 2023

Another intro to some of the creative-types that bothered to write in to fukn.us…..
“Afterthem is a New Jersey based band that does not play weddings or barmitzvahs.”
From MH-
Can’t help but think of the word “cacaphony.” Now, cacaphony can work (for proof see the evil-carnival-fabulousness of Mr. Bungle). But I have trouble putting any other group up on that same pedestal. I would say these guys are on the same vector as Mr. Bungle, but not at quite the same magnitude… I was pretty surprised to find out that there are 6 people making this music (unlike the Chairman, I checked out their website). Perhaps that explains why there is confusion about whether they are “After Them” or “Afterthem.”
I found it slightly noisy and bothersome and yet, there was a certain something that I could appreciate about it….I like to know a little more about a band or a musician or an artist so that I can put it in better context. For instance…if this is a band made up of two deaf mutes that play color coded organs and love the way Pearl Jam rocks…that would really change the way I LISTEN to the music….cd
In any event, DO go visit their website and support your fellow fukn.us readers……..
After Them

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