February 4, 2023

Got this letter a few days ago and am slowly exploring all the great links….thanks man….
Just wanted to take this time to introduce myself and to tip my proletarian sombrero to you. I am a pop culture dumpsters diver, freelance writer, author and broadcaster, as well as a former street person living with a passing parade of hookers, junkies, tranny’s, train-hoppers and
pillpoppers, roadheads and dharmabums for 8 years in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Those years also include 2 years living as a son of a beach on the ukelele and hulagirl paradiso of Oahu.
Today I am a published author of the book, “THE ROADHEAD CHRONICLES” (where pop culture and chrome meet asphalt and art!) which is a sarcastic and sometimes caustic look at the fun loving years of nuclear nightmare and anhialation in the Semi-Fabulous Fifties and a rock n’ romp tour of the Spare Change Sixties.
I was one of the far-out founding fathers of the Detroit Experimental Theater Workshop which dealt witha series of one act plays by a diverse grouping of independent writers, actors, greasepainters and thespians of all persuasions. I am also an activist for homeless issues and write advocacy articles to legalize marijuana, anti-war poetry, nostalgic fiction and am formulating the Spare Change Artists and Anarchists Project (art/music/spoken word) designed to unleash and liberate the power of the existential music/art attack that lives in the depth of divine dumpsters and doorways of the United States of Disenfranchised Amerika.
All that being said I would like to inquire about contributing writings or for your use or other collaborations that may exist among the literati and the illiterati.
There are also nasty rumours going around, probably started by Canadians, that I may run for public office as the cannibus candidate on the Spare Change Party Ticket … It’s time to plant a new seed in ‘Mericka ‘Migos!
Links and Kinks!
The Roadhead Chronicles Book
The Amsterdam It Tour!
Cheech and Chong Conspiracy!
Where Cool Began
Wheelchairs and Morphine
(Poem – war sucks!)
North Beach; The Beat Goes On Tour!
Haight Ashbury: Spare Change Tour!
The Atomic Hula – (Novelito Cerveza)
Neon Eats – (Short Rusty Fiction)
Mike Marino Portfolio
Muchas Gracias for your time and look forward to hearing from you and working together.
Mike Marino
Sandoz Diego Cerveza

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