February 1, 2023

Is it really worth it? I mean, I know that you never have to look at yourself from behind, but the rest of us do. A few extra pounds happen, most of us go through it, it feels uncomfortable physically and socially, and eventually we do something about it….
I mean, think about it, when is enough enough? When you can’t fit in a chair…that might be time to excercise the willpower that you were born with…I know, you think you are weak, you think you can’t do it, but really, you can! Throw down the  ho-ho and start doing some walking…I’ve got a secret for you…people like me (okay, I’m a bit more blunt) but normal people won’t tell you that they are prejudice against you because you are fat. We are less likely to hire you, become friends with you, date you, fuck you, or marry you…you are setting yourself up for disaster…socially and physically….
Get some help. Just do it. I’ll be the bad guy here and tell you that you take up too much space, I’m tired of hearing you breathe, and no one has sympathy for you no matter what they say…
I’m tired of cottling you fat people…our society gives you excuses aplenty…but none of them hold water…the fact is…you are not doing what you need to and as a result you are fucking up the world. If I should ever become one of you, please, throw this back in my face, but please wait until I don’t fit in a chair.

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