February 5, 2023

I’m having an interesting morning reading about different cults at http://www.cultnews.com….In case you are wondering about L.Ron, he was very anti gay and get this snippet….

    Rolling Stone did the requisite debunking of L. Ron Hubbard’s grandiose official biography. Scientology’s “geniusâ€? flunked out of college and was no war hero. He also wasn’t a very loyal friend to his benefactor Whiteside Parsons. After moving in with the wealthy scientist and “helping him with a variety of black-magic and sex ritualsâ€? as his “apprenticeâ€? Hubbard took up with the man’s mistress, who later became one of his wives.

The funny thing with the anti gay stance is the number of supposedly closeted gays that have been ‘bearded’ by the Church through the years…Cruise, Travolta, and even Michael Jackson with them being married to other Church members shortly after any allegations have begun…
I’m pretty open minded but not open minded enough to belong to a church that is openly anti gay….I withdraw my request to be recruited…Sorry Tom.

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