January 28, 2023

Not surprising that the radio this morning was going crazy about the potential Tsunami which would have the first waves hitting Hawai’i at about 11:30 am PST. The excitement wasn’t long lived as about 2 hours after the intial reports, Governor Linda Lingle notified the public that Hawai’i was in little or no danger of giant waves. One can only imagine the devastation both physical and economic that a giant wave smashing into Waikiki would cause. The chances of one hitting however are roughly those of a giant meteor striking Chicago. I will keep you posted if anything more happens.
A quake measuring 8.1 on the richter scale struck the tiny island kingdom of Tonga this morning at 5:30 am PST. Little is known as yet of the damage or whether the giant quake has caused a tsunami though the Pacific Tsunami Center has issued warnings and said that the quake was large enough to generate giant waves.

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