January 28, 2023

Hawaii forecasters are keeping a close watch on two hurricanes and a tropical storm that are moving west in the Pacific Ocean.
Hurricanes Jova, Kenneth and Tropical Storm Lidia lurk to the east of the Hawaiian Islands.
Forecasters are still uncertain if any of them will impact the state. Hurricane Jova is now a category two storm and continues to strengthen. Its effects, if any, should arrive no sooner than Thursday, according to forecasters.
Kenneth is a category three hurricane. Unlike Jova, this storm is weakening and does not pose as big of a threat to Hawaii, forecasters said.
Tropical Storm Lidia has formed to the east of Kenneth. Behind it is a large tropical disturbance that may become Tropical Storm Max by Monday.
Forecasters Saturday said that Jova and Kenneth appear to be moving north. They said the models show that the storms should keep east of the islands. However, they stress that hurricanes can be unpredictable and can change course.

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