January 27, 2023

Oh, there is going to be hell to pay when lil Kim gets wind of this…of course, if I were the leader of Sealand…(which may soon happen), I would expect to be listed somewhere on this list…I bet KJI makes a new list where he wins….

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il ranked second on historian David Wallechinsky’s list of the world’s worst dictators, the U.S. broadcaster ABC reported on Sunday.
Kim continues to gain notoriety for his nuclear programs, while imprisoning thousands of people in reeducation camps and leaving his people in malnourished conditions, the report said.
Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who has led ethnic and religious persecution killing at least 180,000 people in Darfur and ejecting more than two million people out of their homes, topped the list it said.
The No. 3 worst dictator is Seyed Ali Khamanei, leader of Iran’s 12-man Guardian Council which has muzzled a free press, tortured journalists and executed homosexuals.
Chinese Leader Hu Jintao whose nation censors mail and monitors communications equipment ranked No. 4.
King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia ranked last on the list, for endorsing religious persecution and sexual discrimination, the report said.

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