February 8, 2023

I’ve always found Australians to be a little crazy. Revenge against stingrays??

SYDNEY, Australia — At least 10 stingrays have been killed since “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin was fatally injured by one of the fish, an official said Tuesday, prompting a spokesman for the late TV star’s animal charity to urge people not take revenge on the animals.
Irwin died last week after a stingray barb pierced his chest as he recorded a show off the Great Barrier Reef.
Stingray bodies since have been discovered on two beaches in Queensland state on Australia’s eastern coast. Two were discovered Tuesday with their tails lopped off, state fisheries department official Wayne Sumpton said.

10 stingrays killed since Irwin’s death
And more on the Australian response to Irwin’s death…

An offbeat memorial to Steve Irwin has been offered up by an online gaming website which has created a game called Terri Irwin’s Revenge.
The game, which is being circulated via email, takes the form of a simple animated pop-up box which depicts an armed Terri Irwin firing at stingrays underwater.
Using simple keyboard keys, the aim of the game is to kill as many stingrays as possible without getting hit.
However the game has not been well received from some members of the public, according to a statement posted on the MoFunZone website.
“We are getting mixed reactions from our visitors regarding this game. We should make it clear, this game is intended to be a memorial and NOT a funny parody,” said its creators, Josh Tuttle, -altr- and Onic.

Stink over Irwin stingray revenge game

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