Vagobond Travel Museum – The USA Trip

In 2009, when I returned back to the USA, my purpose was three-fold. 1) Get the necessary paperwork to work and get married in Morocco 2) Earn some money so that I could start a life in Morocco and pay for the marriage and bureaucracy in Morocco 3) Make sure that I hadn’t completely lost my mind by giving myself a little time away from the girl I had fallen in love with.

It seemed like as soon as I’d started on my way – things began to fall apart. Ultimately, I ended up connecting with old friends, losing my father, strengthening the relationships with my brother and my uncle,  hustling enough to get things going in Morocco, and accomplishing all three of my goals.  I’d left Hawaii, traveled across the USA by Amtrak, explored Spain and Gibraltar, crossed into Morocco, had some European adventures, hitchhiked across Canada, and now I was on my way home…to a place that didn’t feel at all like home anymore.

Bellingham – Almost Canada

Big Bear Lake – My Childhood Home

Oddities of Big Bear Lake, California

Memories of Big Bear Lake

Holcomb Valley in Big Bear Lake

Downhill Biking from Big Bear to Lucerne

Back on the Road – Bye Bye Dad

Submitting to the Will of God

San Diego

Palm Springs

Back in Salt Lake City

Paying my traffic Fines

Still Unemployed

Vagobond Cowboy Part 2

Living in a Tent in Utah

Surfing Utah Lakes

House Sitting in Utah

Denver International Airport

Back to New York

Portland Maine

From there it was back to Morocco and my fiance – which I suppose should be the content of the next Vagobond Travel Musuem.

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