Portland Maine is my favorite U.S. City

fiddlin in Portland, ME
I absolutely adore this place. It’s filled with funky bookshops, boats, quirky cafes, and plenty of people that fit into that scene. I arrived and met my couchsurfing host at the restaurant she works at “Sillys”. I had a very delicious Thai chicken pizza and then Allison wouldn’t let me pay for it! This is some kickass couch surfing!

After that, Allison, her boyfriend Tori, and her roommate Kate took me for a nightcap at their favorite watering hole and then we went back to their house on the East end and we all crashed. I was thankful for the silk bag liner my brother gave me since it gave me an extra bit of protection against the Maine cold…it’s already dropping to the 30s here at night and it promises to be a long winter…from now until May.

Of course, they sleep with the windows open. They’re Mainers. Not too different than Northwesterners really, in fact, this town seems like a cleaner, less seedy, meth free version of the town I like to call one of my hometowns, Bellingham, Washington.

My impression was reenforced this morning when I walked outside and the residents of the hill they live on had opted to throw a party in the streets just because they love living there. Check out this pickup filled with beer and ice…guess what? No cordoned off area, no cops, just people enjoying a last day of summer and first day of fall.
beer in the streets of Portland, ME
I wanted to explore though, so I set off walking around hoping to find some hidden cheap lobster place…that I didn’t find, but the fashionista I befriended on the bus to Boston yesterday had told me that there was a place that made Belgian fries fried in duck fat, it was called Duck Fat, and what Lily, very much a Jewish American Princess, had recommended was that I go there. So I did…amazing…the Thai Chili Mayo for the fries was only beat by the Mayo Aioli Garlic…next time I’m in New York, Lily told me she’ll show me where to buy some contraband cheese!
duck fat
Anyway, Duck Fat was nice, coffee was great all around, and my walk showed me that if I come back to the USA, I think Portland, Maine will be where I try to make a go of it…
docks in Portland, ME
I also started looking at fares and brochures for Nova Scotia and bought a one way ferry ticket to Yarmouth for $109. Turns out I would spend a minimum of $300 to get to Quebec City by bus or train by way of Boston and if I go to Yarmouth, I can probably hitch to Halifax and either bus, train, or fly to QC for less than $200.
Portland, ME
I’ve always wanted to see Nova Scotia. Tomorrow I will. I’ve got a very cool sounding host lined up to couch surf with….
berlin wall in Portland, ME

There is actually a big piece of the Berlin Wall in Portland, ME. Pretty cool.

One last note, I didn’t want to leave Maine without eating a lobster so I came down to the touristy Maine Lobster Company on the docks and bought a 1 lb chick (small lobster) dinner. It ran me $25 and wasn’t nearly as delicious as the huge Rhode Island lobsters I had with my friends Ken and Lena back in January…but, still, it was a lobster dinner in Maine and it was pretty delicious…besides they had free wifi so I could write this and post it.


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