Spectacular Canadian Rockies

PhotoEssay: The Gorgeous Canadian Rocky Mountains

PhotoEssay: The Gorgeous Canadian Rocky Mountains

I’ve been a lot of beautiful places in this big, beautiful world, but few of them compare with the splendor of the Canadian Rockies.

Olympic Park in Calgary. Those are ski jumps.

The road where I was left at the base of the Canadian Rockies…very happy to get off the prairie. This is where Ray picked me up.

These grizzlies are not in a cage. There is a fence alongside the road to discourage animals from crossing at certain points. Ray said in 30 years, he had never been so close to grizzlies. we were both glad of the fence. I was also glad not to have to sleep in the mountains.

Lake Louise. I filled up my water bottle with glacial water and have rarely tasted anything so sweet.


(Originally published 01 June 2009)