Three Continents and Four Countries and Six Cities in 24 Hours!

This was a new personal best. Skopje-Sofia-Istanbul-Casablanca-Fes-Sefrou and all in time to give flowers to my sweet wife on Valentines.

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I know I already posted the picture of her with the flowers, but I was pretty proud of the hell bent for leather nature of this trip. Here is a picture of me in the sleeping car of the Sofia to Istanbul bit…I love sleeping cars.

Bulgaria to Turkey night train

From Skopje I took a bus to Sofia where I said hi to Tim and Peppy and then caught an overnight train to Istanbul. That day I caught a flight from the Asian side of the Bosphorus to Casablanca, Morocco thus leaving Europe going to Asia and then to Africa.

From Casablanca, I caught the train to Fes where I then took a taxi to Sefrou. Once in Sefrou, I just caught my breath and spent a lovely ten days with my wife and her family (though, it can be exhausting to be around the family- but that’s normal with in-laws, right?)

turkish border train yardSo – Europe to Asia to Africa
Macedonia to Bulgaria to Turkey to Morocco
Skopje to Sofia to Istanbul to Casablanca to Fes to Sefrou

Not bad for a day’s work.
Total distance: 4090 Kilometers

Finally, I saw this incredibly cool and modern seeming city on the train between the Turkish border and Istanbul. I don’t think it’s a suburb of Istanbul, but it looks like it would be very cool to visit. Anyone know where it is? What city is this?

Modern Turkish City

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  1. Hey V – sounds like an awesome trip – a little hurried but fun! And I know of the city in which you speak – but I can only tell you what it will look like in a few years so its best to visit it while it’s in its commercially virginal state… your city of the future…

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