Happy New Year. Looking back, I see that I’ve had a hard time blogging about travel since moving to the USA. There are a few reasons for that – obviously being a dad, being a husband, finding a way to support my family, building several businesses – these have allRead More →


At one point, in 2010, the tagline of this site was Casbah Life, Moroccan Wife, Swiss Army Knife….and that was what it was. I was living deep in the Casbah of Sefrou with no tools but a Swiss Army Knife and struggling to get the necessary paperwork and approval toRead More →

Happy 2016 – almost. It’s a few days off. An interesting question was posed by a long time reader several months ago. She asked “What’s the opposite of a Vagobond?” It’s been bouncing around in my head through the holidays this year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, my 44th birthday, and nowRead More →