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What Am I Doing Here? A #microvictory Every Day

Vago Damitio. What am I doing here?
Sefrou, Morocco
09 Jan 2012

2013 is still very fresh and already I’ve clocked dozen’s of micro-victories with the hashtag #microvicotry  (Mostly it has been on Google+ Join me there!) – Each day is another day to be victorious and not a day goes by that I don’t succeed at something. Small victories lead to big success. I believe that.

Even #microvictory Can Be Difficult

I won’t lie to you, it’s hard. I’ve set a difficult agenda for myself in 2013 and it’s all starting to become clear now that the year is underway. Not only did I set a rigorous new agenda and editorial calendar for Vagobond, but I’ve also taken on new writing projects, am completely re-editing several of my books at once, and continue to work to get approval for my wife (and thus our whole family) to the United States. And, until that happens, must continue to somehow earn our livelihood over a wonky internet connection from a small town in Morocco – incredibly frustrating.

Girls Drinking in the park - #microvictoryAdd to that, the recent changes in SEO and search rankings algorithms which have echoed through the entire web and caused travel marketing and advertising to change drastically as a result and suddenly, I find many of the gains that were made in 2012 have been stripped away. Not the least of which is revenue from affiliates, advertisers, and destination marketing organizations – ouch. I’m regretfully looking at the 50+ travel sites I purchased in 2012 but very glad that I saved enough to carry us through this dry period and with any luck, give us a fair start in the USA. Of course, that depends on just how tight the purse strings become and how long we have to wait for the visa approval.

I can tell you that the hardest part of all of this is living in a state of limbo. My hands are literally tied in terms of where I live, what work I can do, what jobs I can apply for, and what future I can build because I am waiting for that approval for us to go to the United States and while it is very likely she will get approved – there is no guarantee. That is the reason I haven’t found a job as an editor in Istanbul or a teacher in Malaysia. That is the reason I continue to live in a town that has nothing to offer me. That is the reason I haven’t started applying for jobs with cool travel start ups in Seattle or San Francisco, haven’t been able to put out feelers for a place to live, and haven’t moved to the beach here in Morocco. We can’t. We have to wait. It wouldn’t make any sense to move to Asilah or Turkey because we would have to resubmit all the paperwork with a new address and if the visa were approved…we would leave anyway. So, we are in limbo and it’s freaking hard.

Thankfully, I have these #microvictories to sustain me and thankfully I have the money to support us while I work on a bunch of projects that don’t pay anything right now but that offer the best bet for our future that I can imagine. At the very least, these books and websites are my legacy and something I can leave to my daughter even if nothing else is left when I vacate this earth…so, they are worthwhile. I know they are. And besides, they give me something to do while I sit in Sefrou…waiting….

I’m re-editing Douchebags, Fags, and Hags so I can enter it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. I’ve been doing a third edit of Smooth Living: Beyond the Life of a Vagabond and hope to have that ready to go by April. In my Vago Damitio email newsletter The Madman, I’ve done a complete rewrite of my first novel Slackville Road and a rewrite of my fairy tale The Princess and the Vagabond.

Those projects alone should be enough, but I’m also learning how to build an android app, trying to learn how to juggle, and re-editing and publishing all of my previous work from my recently re-acquired site If you go there you can find my newspaper column ‘Ramblin’ Man’ being re-syndicated. I know there is a lot of re- going on in my life…the reason for that is that I re-alized I can do better than I’ve done in the past. I’m a better writer than I was in the past. I’m a better thinker than I was in the past. And, I’m a better person than I was in the past. All of those things are AWESOME.

Oh, there’s more. I hope you’ve been looking at I’m not positive I can sustain this workload…but each day feels like an awesome #microvictory.

Thames River and London Eye

The London Eye – Thames River View

Thames River and London Eye

The London Eye – Thames River View

London is such a different place than it was back in 1998. I know there are a million photos of the London Eye, but it seems to me that most of them are front on, I like this one because of the position of the sun, the ferries on the Thames, and the view of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben in the background. It was a remarkably beautiful day and I’m glad I had my camera with me to capture it.

longest beach in the world

The Longest Beach in the World – Cox’s Bazaar

Home Town Guest Story by Md. Ferdous Koreshi

World travel is a funny thing. The longest beach in the world is in a place you’ve probably never imagined. Sounds impossible, but guest writer Md. Ferdous Koreshi tells us exactly where it is- in his home country of Bangladesh.

When it comes to travelling, tourists can go a great distance and out of their comfort zone to feel the excitement of exploring the beauty of the world and travelling to different parts of the world. If you are one of the tourists who takes travelling to be something more than a leave from the hectic life and loves exploring the world to the fullest, then there is a place that you have to visit.

The place is knows as Cox’s bazaar. Longest beach in the world, BangladeshThis is the longest sea beach in the world. Now you might be thinking it must be somewhere in the Caribbean or somewhere famous like that. But you would be surprised to know that, a small south Asian country unknown to most of us is blessed with this beautiful gift which surely will take your breath away.

Named after the British Captain Hiram Cox, who was appointed as the superintendent of “palongkee” now known as Cox’s bazar, the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world.

Though the beach is the most popular holiday destination for almost all the Bangladeshi people, it has yet to attract potential number of international tourists due to the lack of promotion. Cox’s bazar has got almost all the elements a tourist might expect from a beach city. The beach, home to the great foamy waves of the Bay of Bengal is the perfect place for the surfers. The beach itself is worth visiting as it is the longest beach in the world.

There are lot of activities you can do while being in Cox’s Bazar. Start with visiting the beach and get a nice sun tan. The weather is great and surely you will have a great time. You can go surfing or ride the sea bikes along the beach.

Longest beach around the worldOnce you have seen the beach, head towards the local markets and shops. You will find amazing artifacts and showpieces made up of sea shells and other aquatic things. You can also visit some nearby places like Himchori waterfalls, Maheshkhali, Bandarban and many more.

If you visit Cox’s bazar, you cannot afford to Miss Saint Martin’s island. This is a small coral island with breathtaking view. It is about 9 kilometers away from Cox’s bazar and there are cruise services available for you to get to that island. Seeing the sunset in that island can be quite a view.

When it comes to staying at Cox’s Bazar, you have so many options. You can get yourself a room in the hotels and motels available. There are great 4 star hotels in Cox’s bazar. If you prefer a bit of privacy, you can hire the studio apartments available in the town. There are some great restaurants with local cuisine and also delicious sea foods are served in these restaurants.

The best way to get to Cox’s Bazar is to get on a flight from Dhaka Airport. It would take hardly 45 minutes to reach Cox’s Bazar in that way. You can also go by road or have a rail journey but these are very time consuming.

Hopefully you will explore a great time by visiting Cox’s Bazar this holiday. You are welcome in my hometown.

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