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The Most Extraordinary Vagabonds

world mapThe world has always been filled with extraordinary travelers, explorers,  wanderers, and vagabonds. In 2012, we introduced you to a new Extraordinary Vagabond every Saturday. We thought you might like to see them all listed in one place.

Navigators and Conquerors
Hanno the Navigator
Eudoxus of Cyzicus
Pytheas the Navigator
Erik the Red
Genghis Khan
Hernando Cortez
Ponce de Leon

William S. Burroughs
John Steinbeck
Louis L’amour
Jack Kerouac
Jack London
Robert Louis Stevenson
Mark Twain
Ernest Hemingway

Richard Francis Burton

Ibn Batuta
Harry Franck
Marco Polo
Ed Buryn
Isabele Eberhart
Che Guevara
King Kalakaua
Tarzan of Manisa
Woody Guthrie
Granny Gatewood
Emma Goldman
The Dalai Lama

Modern Day Vagabonds
Earth Day – Interview with Mother Earth
Steve Jarmanok
Henry Rollins
Anil Polat
Dave Stamboulis
Barbara Weibel
Johann Beukes
Rolf Potts 
Vago Damitio
Tom Brosnahan
Melissa Ruttanai
Linda Kissam
Francis Tapon

illegal pictures in the Cistine Chapel

Illegal pictures in the Cistine Chapel

illegal pictures in the Cistine Chapel

Illegal pictures in the Cistine Chapel

“No pictures, no cameras.” The guards shouted and threatened but everyone ignored them as we all crowded into the Vatican’s Cistine Chapel to see Adam and God making a pinky kiss with their fingers. Michelangelo’s masterpiece…how could we not take pictures? I took a few, but I was more interested in the anarchy of the photo taking…what horribly unruly creatures God hat created…

India in Pictures

India Adventures Await You: Tips for Great Travel

by Nishanth Cheruki

One of the thoughts that will quickly come to mind anytime India is mentioned is its soaring level of spirituality. India has a unique atmosphere as it continues to play host to a number of oriental religions. People traveling to India think of stereotypes like practicing Yoga or spiritual meditation. India adventures await you.

India ImagesMost people traveling to India think of stereotypes like practicing Yoga or spiritual meditation. But India has got more to offer. For instance, many do not know that there are many different tribes living in India.

Therefore as you take a tour of this vast nation, one of the fastest developing in the world, you are going to be captivated bythis Asian nation.

The Taj Mahal and erotic engravings on the Khajuraho, the camels in Rajasthan and the Kama Sutra. But beyond these, are a lot more.

Why are you goind to India?

Taj Mahal in IndiaIndia will thrill you. This is reason why you must plan very well and get your primary mission straight. More so, the country is tremendously big. From the Himalayas in the northern part, to the backwaters of Kerala in the south, the desert of Rajastan, and the blossoming farms of Bengal, India stretches. So whether you visit for vacation, business or honeymoon, you will fall in love with the land.

India Travel Resources
India Travel Insurance
India Hotels

Take the time to discover places that are suitable for your mission. It is also vital that you know some of the sites that you want to visit before you go. Will you visit the sea or the mountains? Make sure that you are well prepared for what the weather may throw at you.

India in PicturesThinking of things like weather and season will make your traveling more rewarding. But, overall, you are going to experience firsthand, oriental life. Therefore, prepare for the best of times here.

Take the time to meet some Indian people who are familiar with the environment by checking places such as online social forums. New friends or strangers can suggest ways by which you can see more with less.

Enjoy yourself as you explore India.

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