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Some of you may have noticed that I’m currently not doing a lot of exotic travel. In fact, that’s okay. Sometimes you have to sit in a place in order to understand things better.

Lao Tzu said that “Without opening your door, you can see the world” and he said it way before Google Street View or virtual travel were even a remote possibility. What he meant by this can be argued from quite a few different directions, but what I’ve always thought he was saying was that sometimes it’s important to sit still in one place and stop endlessly rushing from one place to another. Watch the seasons change, see the way people live.

I like to think of the Tao Te Ching as a sort of Vagabond Bible. I first discovered it while I was hitching across the Southwest USA in 1997. Sitting by the side of the road, watching cars pass by, the words spoke to me. The idea of wu wei especially resonated…this idea of do nothingness. So I sat and I waited and I watched some deer come and drink from the Colorado river. I watched a gorgeous sunset. Then a big RV came along and two very kind old people offered me a lift, a sandwich, and a beer. Imagine if I would have just walked to pass the time. Maybe I would have seen something else, or maybe I would have just worn myself out walking and gotten pissed off that no one picked me up. Either way, I’m glad I stayed put and did nothing for a while.
Take time to sleep on the watermelons

And that is sort of what I am doing now. I’m in Manisa, Turkey. Making friends, working, navigating the bureaucracy to get a residence permit so I can stay legally for a while, and learning as I go.

So, to those of you who want to see new travel adventures every day, I’m afraid you might be a bit disappointed.

However, instead, I am going to continue to share my past adventures, find great travel gear and services to recommend such as the World Nomads Travel Insurance (it’s cheap, reliable, and worth every penny- just click on the ad above and have a peek at how much they offer you-Travel insurance from , continue to write about great vagabonds of the past, and share the hard won travel tips and travel advice which I’ve picked up along the way (hopefully you caught the important piece of advice above, if not, be sure to reread the part about wu wei.

And, of course, I am going to write about life here in Turkey, my small adventures in Manisa and the surroundings, and probably a bunch of other things as well.

I just felt like it is important to let you guys know about it. If you are taking any great travels and want to share them with readers at Vagobond, please just use the submit travel news or stories button and let me know about them so I can share them.

Got any great travel stories?

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