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World travel for free? No way! It can’t be possible. But indeed my friends, it is. You can travel the globe and actually earn money doing it!

While there are legitimate air courier services available, DO NOT use While these people call themselves an Air Courier Association, in fact, they are a rip-off! Don’t give your credit card information

There are some of us that know this secret and the best part is that it doesn’t hurt our chances of keeping on doing it by letting the rest of you know about it either. It’s a win win win win because the more people that are doing it, the better the chance that the biggest impediments – airline security, visa and immigration, and disapproving bosses and family – will get savvy to the fact that just because we travel a lot and don’t spend thousands on our world travels, doesn’t mean we’re bums.

The secret of free world travel is that there are more than a few companies that will pay your expenses for you! An example (and not the only one) is teaching English overseas, because the schools will often pay your travel and living expenses.
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I have a friend who travels enough that I’m jealous. His secret? He carries documents for companies that don’t want to trust the postal system with trade secrets or important contracts. No, he’s not some kind of secret agent 007, in fact, he’s a bit of a drunk, but he always gets the papers or packages there safely and there is nothing illegal or illicit about what he is doing.

He tells me that with just a little bit of knowledge, it’s easy for any adult to get hugely discounted airfare and paid accommodation. How?

Well, a good place to start is the Air Courier Association. Just google it. They say that a standard traveler saves 85% or more on international tickets by acting as a courier and they offer tips for landing gigs that give you free or very cheap world travel. Try to find that at a travel agent!

What does the courier do? Simple. Just turn up at the airport, meet the representative of the company and once you get through customs at your destination, usually you will meet the other company rep. Sometimes it involves overnight stays, but that’s just a bonus since it is usually paid for.

The downside? They don’t want people with a lot of baggage. Literally. Carry on only to avoid problems in customs. So you have to learn to travel light, but since you are already here, that shouldn’t be a problem. Second is that you have to be willing to go when the job needs to be done. You can’t make it wait until it’s convenient for you or someone else will take the gig. Aside from that you just need to be at least eighteen and have a valid passport.

No more excuses about money…Get going!

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4 thoughts on “World Travel Free – Air Couriers

  1. Wow! I never heard of this and sounds like it could be a great way to travel for less but um, are these “legal documents”? Exploring the inner workings of international prisons isn’t exactly on my bucket list (unfortunately). =)

  2. Hi Connie,

    The good companies are 100% legitimate and legal. Just be sure to do your homework before you sign up to be a courier.

  3. Are you able to provide actual links or contact information? I constantly find articles like this, but never actually find a courier company.

  4. Hi Carolyn, I asked my friend Bernest and he said that he works for a number of Japanese companies but he wasn’t keen on providing names or numbers. He said that many of the online services are actually scams and your best bet is to contact individual companies you may already have contact with. I did manage to pry two of the largest U.S. courier sources from him though

    Jupiter Air, Ltd., Building #14, JFK International Airport, Jamaica, NY 11430; (718) 656-6050
    fax (718) 656-7263;
    websciences. org/dvhpub/COURIER.HTM.

    Now Voyager, 74 Varick St., Suite 307, New York, NY 10013; (212) 431-1616
    fax (212) 334-5243;
    nowvoyagertravel .com.

    Interestingly, I found that many online sources have either shut down or stopped encouraging couriers. I’m not sure why that is, but I am assured that air courier travel is still alive and cheap. If Bernest says it, it’s true for sure.

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