World Travel for Almost Nothing #3

One thing that screws everything up  is being in too much of a hurry. We all think time is money but in fact, it’s the opposite, money is time usually but time is time and you have a set amount of it to do with what you please.

You can trade it for money, give it away for free, or waste it being a pissed off grumpy asshole but you can’t actually buy time, you can only sell it.

Paris sculpture
Time is not money though this Paris sculpture certainly is both.

So the lesson from that leads to my third tip for traveling the world for almost nothing.

World Travel for Almost Nothing Tip #3:


Chill out man. Just take it easy. The slower you move the less money it takes. Think about it, if you want to get a ticket to wherever you want to go today and then come back in three days, you have to pay a premium. However, if you slow it down and make it for a departure in a month and staying indefinitely…it’s cheaper. Now how about if you walk there….take a year to get there.

pot plants in the basement
Sometimes when you slow down enough people will even show you what they have in their basements…

As a guy who has walked around the perimeter of Oahu, Hawaii and who hitched across Canada with $4, I can tell you that being in a hurry means you have to pay. If you are willing to take your time, you won’t. I’m currently on a slow motion trip around the world. It’s happening, but not in 80 days.

hitch across canada
I was hoping this hot air baloon would give me a ride across Canada’s plains, but no luck that time.
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7 thoughts on “World Travel for Almost Nothing #3

  1. i would have to say you also get the chance to enjoy the scenery more if you would travel slower. nice ideas on how to travel with almost nothing. you can try our Summer giveaway: chance to win $50 – just grab our badge.

  2. Ah, I needed this today. My husband and I are discussing our itinerary for an upcoming “extended vacation” and this was a good reminder not to turn it into a race to check off as many locations as possible.

  3. That’s always the hard part. It’s too easy to get caught up in the bucket list and actually miss the experience itself. Looking forward to your adventures.


  4. So true. I think that it is easy to forget this since a lot of traveling is set around a time limit. Because of this we try to cram in as much stuff as we can. Not only is this expensive, but stressful.

  5. The miles are pretty fun to knock out too though. Those people that say having a list of ‘done that’ is no good are missing out on the fun.

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