Wonderful Find – Ostello di Bergamo

bergamo hostel I had been unable to find a couch in Milano because there was a convention of interior designers there during the period I was going. I figured, I would find something when I arrived, but I figured all the hostels and hotels would be full too. So when I realized I was right next to Bergamo, I decided it was better to go there. The bus was a couple of Euro from the airport.

I found a hostel address in Bergamo and set out.

Bergamo was incredibly nice. Beautiful in fact but the hostel was full, I was referred to the tourist office who told me everything was full because of the interior design thing, the lady at the Bergamo tourist office called a second hostel that was 3 km outside of town. They had one bed left and she reserved it for me. I literally got the last bed in town at the Nuovo Ostello di Bergamo

She gave me directions to get there and finally I arrived by bus. Absolutely beautiful hostel and setting. A hostel in Milano would have been 45 Euros and probably not very good, here it was 18 Euros per night. They managed to do some juggling and booked me for 3 nights, each night in a different room. No problem for me.

I asked the clerk to suggest a walk to me and she told me to walk to the Cialto Alta, the high city. It is a world heritage site. Very very nice place.

I noticed something in Italy that surprised me. The sky is different there. It really looks like all the paintings of the old masters. I always thought it was a style, but no, the sky is a little different color, the clouds are different. It’s really really amazingly beautiful.

So that was the first day. In the morning I woke up and sat on the Terrace and enjoyed a very nice breakfast looking across the valley at the Cialto Alta.

Then I walked to the train station and took a train to Milano (Milan). It cost about 4 Euros each way. I was glad that I was able to come back to Bergamo and this incredibly nice hostel.

Nuovo Ostello di Bergamo – I recommend you reserve in advance!

From the airport it is easy to reach the hostel. Take bus number 1C, get off in ‘Porta Nuova’ and from there take bus number 6, (after 9pm become bus n 9) in direction to ‘Monterosso’. Get off at ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ bus stop, and take the steps near the bus stop to arrive at the hostel.
Otherwise if you take a taxi at the airport, the ride will take only 10 minutes.


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