I won a trip to Korea!

Korea might not seem like the best destination to travel to at the moment, but I’m excited as hell to go there!

Recently I entered a contest to win a round trip ticket to Korea over at Lex Paradise and much to my surprise, I won!

So, the exciting news of the moment is that in March I will be going to Korea. There are just a few catches however…one is that the ticket was to and from Malaysia, so I had to buy a ticket from Turkey to Malaysia. Luckily, I was able to find a great price.

free trip to koreaHopefully there won’t be a full scale war going on in Korea when I get there. Hanane won’t be joining me on this trip because in truth we could only afford one ticket to Malaysia at the moment…for several reasons which I won’t go into right now, but will probably tell about later. One reason is that Hanane will be going to Morocco in a week or so to visit her family and renew her visa (so we’ve just bought her tickets too) but there are other factors as well….

I’m excited to see Malaysia again and to experience Korea for the first time. I will take most of the month of March and I’m hoping to get the chance to go to Singapore, revisit Lake Toba in Indonesia, and more. I’ll be traveling on an ultra-budget and doing a lot of couch surfing, hitching, and other vagobond technique…

The big bummer is that during that particular time, there will be a big festival in Manisa called the Mesir Festival. I was looking forward to seeing that, but Hanane has promised to attend, take pictures, and tell all about it.

This takes me one step closer to completing my very slow trip around the world. For those who forgot, I left Hawaii in 2008 and since then have been slowly traveling Eastward. Along the way, quite a lot has happened. One thing is for sure. I’ll definitely be getting some travel insurance for this trip. Now…since I know that Vagobond readers are a well traveled bunch…what do you recommend I see in Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore? Also, anyone want to host me on their couch or show me around?

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4 thoughts on “I won a trip to Korea!

  1. I won a chocolate cake one time but dropped it on the ground before getting a chance to have a piece of it! Congratulations!
    Singapore’s harbor is beautiful (at least it was 37 years ago) and they had a street where you could buy all kinds of gold from carts set up on the street- called it the “gold mart”. I am sure you will enjoy Singapore!

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