Where does the garbage go in Morocco?

There are some things it is easy to notice here, like the lack of toilet paper, western showers, fast internet cafes, and restaurants you actually go in, look at a menu with set prices, order, sit, and eat in. But then there are other things it takes just a bit of time to notice.
There are very few garbage cans in public space, so when you produce rubbish you need to either carry it or toss it on the ground. In fact, from what I can see, there isn’t trash pickup at all, I’ve yet to figure out where the rubbish from, the Suidi famly disappears to. And this explains why there is rubbish nearly everywhere…maybe I can start a garbage racket here. But would anyone pay for it?
Mailboxes and postmen. While there are post offices, I don’t think there is home delivery of mail. I havenùt seen a postman, a mailbox, or a mail truck since coming here. It makes me nervous because I need to get my tax forms sent here, a copy of my birth certificate, and a few other things, but will they ever reach me?
Yesterday, Hanane and I took a daytrip to Fes, just the new city. It was a pretty extravagent day of shopping, gifts, breakfast, lunch, taxis, books, and I even bought a small oud. Grand total about $75 for everything.
One thing it is also hard to find here, amazingly, is a copy of the Quran in English that isn’t the size of an encyclopedia. I’m still looking…for the Quran and for where the garbage gets dumped.


I finally allowed my curiousity to get the better of me and asked Hanane what happens to the Souidi families rubbish when the can is full. Here is her answer.

“Well, every year we pay taxes to have the garbage picked up but it never is, so when the can is full, it just goes out to nature.”

Ah ha! But this means I would be in direct competition with a government that doesn’t need to do anything with my garbage racket…that might mean problems!


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