What’s the best tour in Turkey?

best tour in TurkeyIt’s hard to say for sure what the best tour in Turkey is, but during the time I was living and traveling in Turkey, a few favorite Turkey adventures kept coming up. These were not just with me, but with the many guests and travelers I met from all corners of the world.

The legacies of the Hittites, Greeks, Romans, Christian apostles, Byzantines, Ottoman Turks & the other civilizations that have called this land home have made Turkey into a vast outdoor museum full of beautiful, intriguing sites. Highlights of Turkey’s many treasures include Ephesus, Turkeythe spectacular Byzantine churches & beautiful mosques of Istanbul; the ruins of the fabled city of Pergamum on its windswept hilltop; the holy city of Konya where Dervishes still whirl; the extraordinary landscape & cave dwellings of Cappadocia; the great theatre of ancient Ephesus; the magnificent beaches of the Aegean & Mediterranean with signs of ancient civilizations at every turn & so much more…

Turkey offers more for the traveler than just about any other country on the planet. With more historical Greek and Roman ruins than Greece and Italy combined, this is a magnificent country for exploring classical cultures of the Med. Manisa farmers marketWhether you are into historical travel, literary travel, or just want to see some of the places from your favorite gladiator movie or to see the magnificent sites from that computer game you just spent hundreds of hours completing.

For those who are interested in beaches and seas, there is more than a little to choose from. The Turkish Riviera has yet to be spoiled like those of other Meditreranean Countries and the breathtaking beauty of the Aegean, the Marmara, and the Black Seas all fall within the bounds Perfect tour of Turkeyof magnificent Turkey. Sea tours of Turkey as well as gulet cruises, sailing expeditions, and of course cruises of the Bosphorus are all wonderful experiences. Lest we forget, the Turquoise Coast of Turkey seems like an artist’s vision of the perfect seaside.

Let’s not forget the unique traditions of hospitality which make any trip to Turkey a life changing experience, if you are allowed to get off the tour bus and interact with the locals anyplace other than a carpet shop that is! The best tours of Turkey include an element of introducing you to the people and their culture. Otherwise, you could be anywhere. This is one reason why I always recommend specific tours of Turkey and home stay experiences for those who want more than a sterile scripted tour of the Turkish Republic.

Tours in and around IstanbulNo trip to Turkey is complete without spending at least a few days in Istanbul. The city of two continents, once called Constantinople- now called home to more than 17 million people.To me, this is the queen of all cities and I’ve been to more than a few. Take the time to explore Istanbul and you will never regret it.

Veteran travel writer Tom Brosnian has renamed this city of wonders Irresistanbul and I find that to be completly true. This is the cultural seat of fascinating Turkey and the center of all things Turkish Delight. Whether you choose to take a Biblical Tour of Eastern Turkey or a broader look at the many wonders ot Turkey, you will find that Istanbul is, as Tom suggests Irresistanbul as a starting and stopping point.

Troye Trojan HorseOnce you leave Istanbul, you can head in just about any direction and find wonders whether you want to explore Mesopotamia, see the lands of the Odyssey, eat drink and be merry in Kusadasi and Izmir, or hang out in tree houses in Olympos. Off the beaten track in Eastern Turkey you can look for seamonsters in Lake Van, see the ancient Armenian capitals, and walk some of the most ancient paths of humanity.

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