hiking in Cappadocia

What’s the best Cappadocia tour include?

What’s the best Cappadocia tour include?

Want to get the most from your visit to Capadocia? Check out these hand selected tours of Turkey.

GoremeCappadocia is an amazing landscape filled with historic rock carved churches and the visually stunning fairy chimneys. While there are a wide variety of places to stay in Urgap and Goreme, for the most incredible experience, visitors should choose to stay in a cave hotel or house.

Days in Cappadocia are best spent hiking through the orchards and surreal alien landscape caused by volcanic rock formations. The rock cut houses and churches in Red Valley and Pasabagi are like something from a science fiction film and the fairy chimneys of the open air museums make this all the more incredible. cappadocia fairy chimneysThe old Christian village of Cavusin was one of the original places where Christians gathered in communities and when you wander through it you get the sense of the place through the well preserved monasteries, houses, communal kitchens, and churches, all carved in stone. Many visitors particularly like seeing the frescoes which the cave climates have preserved so well.

paintings in cock cut churchesWhile the rock castle at ulchiser offers amazing panoramic views, there is nothing quite like waking up and taking a balloon ride to watch the sun rise over this mystical landscape. After seeing it from this vantage point, it is especially wonderous to see the underground cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu where whole communities of Christians literally lived underground for centuries.

Goreme Rock Cut ChurchesStill, most visitors will tell you that it’s the hiking that makes Capadocia truly special and the Ihlara Valley offers spectacular scenery that is very green in contrast to the red fairy chimneys you’ve seen so far. Of course, there are still plenty of homes and churches carved into the walls of the gorge as you hike along the stream.

hiking in CappadociaEventually you come to a major stopping point on the silk road, the Agzikarahan Caravanserai which was built by the Seljuk Turks for travelers along the famous road to and from the far east.

Whether you want to fly in a balloon, horseback ride, or hike through gorgeous canyons, I can help you arrange the perfect Cappadocia tour.