What if you were only allowed 10 things? Win the ultimate neominimalist prize!

[ad#Work From The Beach 300 x 250]What exactly is a technomad? Is it different from a vagabond? What does the term mean? What if you were only allowed to have 10 things?

I came across an interesting post today called Neominimalism and the Rise of the Technomads and for some reason it got me to thinking about what if I were only allowed to have ten possessions. What would they be? I’m going to compose my list right here, on the fly. I ask you to do the same and submit it as a comment. The best list will win the ultimate neo-minimalist prize. Nothing! That’s right! Nothing to carry, nothing to take care of, nothing to worry about, nothing to lose. So do your best.minimalist list

Here are the rules:
1) 10 things total including clothing
2) a pair of something (shoes, socks) counts as just one thing
3) power cords or other essential parts are included with things (laptop + powercord, phone + charger, car + keys)
4) the list is for where and when you are now, but you can trade things later (for instance shorts for pants in summer/winter)
5) we can harsh out other rules as we go along, let’s be hard, but fair

Without further ado, I present my list:
1) My leather shoulder bag (to hold my ten things, groceries, etc)
2) My netbook (music, skype, camera, videos, etc – I might at some point trade it for a smart phone but since I write and blog for a living and haven’t had a smart phone yet- not yet)
3) My green pants because they are light and they roll up into shorts easily or work as decent dress trousers too
4) Toothbrush – It’s essential
5) decent sandals/slippers/or flip flops
6) My sarong (it works as towel, sheet, or what have you)
7) a t-shirt
8) a button down shirt
9) board shorts (wear them as underwear, trunks, or for hammam)
10) My paypal debit card

Damn. That was harder than I thought it would be. Close runner up was sunglasses, swiss army knife, SIGG water bottle, and my coffee cup which I’ve modded into a small french press. Not to mention underwear. So what do you think? Do you see holes in my list? What’s your list?

Again, the best list wins – Nothing! The ultimate neominimalist prize package.

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13 thoughts on “What if you were only allowed 10 things? Win the ultimate neominimalist prize!

  1. Mine goes like this:

    Satchel / shoulder bag
    Plain black long-sleeved t-shirt
    Camper sneakers
    13″ Macbook Pro
    Good headphones
    Debit card

  2. Passport
    Long sleeve black tee
    Dansko clogs (can go anywhere with these and no socks required)
    ExOfficio undies (they dry in about an hour)
    Debit card
    Really good bra (I’m a girl so there’s no getting around this one!)

  3. Trying to make my list Zero-Impact as well as major necessities:

    1. My trusty black ruck (large-weatherproof backpack)
    2. Alpinestars cargo pants
    3. UnderArmour long sleeve crew (can roll up my sleeves in summer)
    4. Bicycle
    5. Credit Card
    6. Running shoes
    7. Laptop (skype phone/email/workspace)
    8. Passport
    9. Socks
    10. Box of baking soda – cleans teeth, clothes and body

    If I were still traveling hard I would swap:
    ** bicycle for Zippo lighter
    ** socks for Teflon pie plate – cook and eat off same plate

    …I just know someone is going to list “Towel” – if so please reference being a hitch-hiker… 8)

  4. 1) Mobile phone incl camera
    2) Backpack
    3) Pocketknife
    4) Jeans
    5) Hair conditioner
    6) Flip flops
    7) Rizzlas
    8) Lighter
    9) Tshirt (longsleeved)
    10) underwear Bra & knickers counts as a set correct? Actually, make that a bikini

  5. …thinking about traveling even lighter – knowing there won’t be a great deal in my ruck – I have decided to trade it in for a black bra and where it backwards (going to guess D cup)… indeed it would lighten the load but may look tad awkward – wife assures me it will hold all I need (snickers) “You’ll be fine” – whatever that means.

    Basically – if I have nothing else to carry I won’t truly need the ruck (or bra-backpack) hmmm – then what else…? Tons O’pockets on the cargo pants…

    dang… forgot about the lappy – nevermind then… I was looking forward to my blackbrabackpack – think I’ll start a blog about it… cheers all and happy travels!

  6. spent 3 months with little more than the following:

    1) rucksack
    2) iphone
    3) flip camera
    4) journal
    5) exofficio undies
    6) convertible pants
    7) short-sleeve shirt
    8) vibram five-finger shoes
    9) passport
    10) toothbrush

  7. Great list.

    @chaoticmark I gotta get me some of those ex oficio undies but $30 seems a tad expensive for underpants
    @nick – I like the blackbrabackpack idea. Will d cups hold a netbook? I thought about that with the bag, but mostly it’s to hold the netbook and change of clothes btw I think I’ll switch the button down shirt for my passport
    @ kersten – I think it’s fair to say underwear includes the bra as long as they match in color and style ;) btw what are rizzlas? rolling papers?
    @nick – no towel but I’ll stick with the sarong. bicycle is a good idea, does it fold up? Will it fit in your bra?
    @ornamental gravy – good list! Sunscreen and a long sleeve shirt? Where are you?

    Every list is more interesting than the last. I’m digging them. Keep them coming.

  8. Ok, here’s my list. I knew that this would be hard, but it still harder than I thought it would be.

    1) Saddleback Leather Company Backpack, Tobacco Brown – I don’t have one of these, but would love to.
    2) Laptop – if I was getting rid of everything else I have, I’d be getting a MacBook to replace my Dell
    3) Camera – I need some sort of creative outlet, and this would fill that need
    4) Motorcycle w/ helmet – because I think that helmets should be a required part of motorcycle gear – if I were to travel out of the country, this would be replaced by passport
    5) Boots – safety gear for the bike, polished up and look semi-dressy
    6) Jeans
    7) ExOfficio Underwear
    8) Dress shirt – can roll the sleeves up for more casual situations
    9) socks
    10) Leather motorcycle jacket – again, safety gear for the bike, and would be handy when the weather does turn cool

    Instead of a debit card, I would use my PayPal account for online purchases, and carry cash for offline. Almost traded socks for a debit card, but that just wouldn’t work at all. :D

  9. These are good lists… and it’s a tough question. Probably something close to what I have on now:

    1. Prescription eyeglasses – won’t get far without these…
    2. Basic long sleeve collared shirt (with sleeves rolled up)
    3. No-iron cargo pants
    4. Warm windbreaker
    5. Underwear
    6. Work-appropriate hiking boots (with socks – hope that’s not cheating!)
    7. Keys for work and home
    8. Wallet (ID, debit card, bus tickets)
    9. Leatherman Multitool
    10. Android smartphone with headphones (full computer, USB key, and phone all in one)

  10. @vago – i initially balked at the price on the ex officio underwear but considering how well made they are and how fast they dry you’ll never need another pair of underwear… well, maybe a second one but you get my drift ;)

  11. And I thought I was travelling light this summer by taking only 5 outfits for 2 months. I feel like a hoarder now.

    1) contact lenses, carrying case and solution
    2) my hijab
    3) my flowered long sleeve cotton blouse
    4) my all purpose long jean skirt
    5) good walking sandals
    6) my nikon d3000 that I am in love with
    7) oh,i forgot undies
    8) lots of dirhams in my pockets
    9) keys
    10) wallet (for my id card and passport)

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