What am I doing here? Soaked in a Sunshine Destination and Happy About It

Vago Damitio. What am I doing here?

Bodrum, Turkey
18 April 2012

They say that April showers bring may Flowers, but one never really expects to find the rain quite so heavy as we found it today – especially when visiting a place known for it’s sunshine and mild weather.

While I’ve explored a great deal of Western and Mediterranean Turkey, yesterday was my first time arriving in the city of Bodrum. We’d spent the previous four days basking in the treehouse paradise of Olympos but since Hanane is meeting a friend on the 21st in Izmir and I’m leaving from Bodrum for Greece and then Italy on the 22nd – we decided to come direct and skip our planned stop at Pammukkale. We had an invitation from what has been described as one of the nicest hotels in Turkey – Antique Theatre Hotel and so we hopped on a Kamil Koch bus – which I’d always thought looked like the nicest buses in Turkey but which turned out to be just okay – mainly because there was no air vent and the seats felt crowded. Now I know.

So, we set off for Bodrum thinking of sunny weather, poolside dinners and maybe even a gulet cruise – after a long bus ride (8 hours) – we arrived at the Antique Theatre Hotel and found it just as beautiful as described with views of the Bodrum Castle and harbor and a pool that made me want to dive in – except that the owner called to welcome us and told me that we had arrived with thunderstorms. We took a short walk but got gusted and blown all over the harbor walk before retreating to our hotel. Today we braved the rain when it looked like sun had come but what we found was a good soaking as we explored Bodrum Castle and the Underwater Archaeology Museum

Rainy Day in BodrumTo be honest, I can’t say I’m disappointed. The room is nice, I’m way behind on pretty much every aspect of my business (except the traveling) since travelling with my wife and infant daughter is sometimes like traveling with two fussy children who constantly have to be taken care of and as a consequence I’ve dropped my exercise plan, lost control of my eating habits, forgotten all my goals, allowed my editorial calendar to lapse, and even for the first time – forgot to write this weekly editorial and missed my morning deadline. Luckily, I am the Editor so I allowed myself a late edition – just this once – next time I’m going to fire me.

So, in fact – I’m pretty happy that the rain has us trapped in our hotel room and I’ve suddenly found a few unexpected hours to catch up on things –

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