Vago's Office in Morocco

What am I doing here? I’m Doing Nothing

What am I doing here? I’m Doing Nothing

Vago Damitio. What am I doing here?

Sefrou, Morocco
06 Feb 2013

I’m doing nothing.I haven’t been outside in four days and I haven’t changed my clothes in the same amount of time. I’m doing nothing. Nothing exciting anyway.

This is where I spend days on end without shaving or changing out of my pajamas
This is where I spend days on end without shaving or changing out of my pajamas

We finally got an appointment for my wife’s immigrant visa to the USA. It comes in late March and then we might go to the USA – if she passes the interview. Crossing fingers and toes.

Vago means lazy in Spanish. This is how:

I’m Doing Nothing

I’ve been writing and editing like a madman. I completed a revision of  Not My Morocco: A Vagabond in Muslimland and a total revision of Slackville Road: Two Dudes, A Dummy, and an Armored Car.

I’ve completed my final edit of Smooth Living: Beyond the Life of a Vagabond and I’ve been publishing my old articles and columns to my websites at and including all of my old Ramblin’ Man columns and my various film reviews and academic writing.

I had to upgrade my computer to Windows 8 Pro and that caused me days of headaches as it deleted all my files and caused Google Drive to make duplicates of all my video and photos on my hard drive which made everything slow down. I tried to delete the duplicates but Windows 8 crashes when you try to use Windows Explorer.  Wow. That’s frustrating.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a living and where to go once we go to the United States. The town we live in, here in Morocco offers nothing for me. Absolutely nothing. It’s been over four years since I arrived here on February 5, 2009. I can’t believe I’m still here. Maybe I’ll manage to escape soon. I hope so.

In the meantime, I’m meeting people online, taking online courses, networking with like minded writers and travelers online and trying to imagine what it would be like to not live in a cold apartment where there is nothing I want to go outside for and nothing I want to stay inside for. It’s a bit like hell, but I’m using it to the best of my ability.

It’s productive and necessary time, but I’m not doing anything. In four days I’ll go to Barcelona for a three day visa run. I plan on eating, drinking, and making merry. It should be good. After that, I will return to Morocco for what I hope is the last time as a person who lives here. The next trip out will be the one with my family and a new life ahead of us. Inchallah.