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What am I doing here? – Dreaming of Hawaii and Making Plans to Get Away

What am I doing here? – Dreaming of Hawaii and Making Plans to Get Away

Vago Damitio. What am I doing here?

Sefrou Morocco
May 23, 2012

Still here in Sefrou, it is home after all, although I can think of no less than a hundred places I would prefer to call home.  That’s the way life works though when you take on the responsibility for other people.  No word yet on my wife’s visa forms – we sent the I-130 and a bunch of other forms in nearly two months ago but so far, no word. Once we get the approval, I’ll be taking my family back to the USA.

I’m dreaming of being in Hawaii again. I want my daughter to grow up next to the water, learn how to surf, feel comfortable at the beach and be surrounded by the sense of aloha that I miss so much from Hawaii. It’s a funny thing, other people miss their parents, their friends, their family or other people – but I find myself feeling that same sense of longing for the island of Oahu. I miss walking her hidden trails and discovering her secrets.

I’ve always thought of Oahu as a living, breathing entity. The other islands too, but with Oahu I’ve always had a special connection. Both she and Kauai took me in, embraced me and provided everything for me when I had nothing. I can remember several times not having any money on Oahu and taking long walks. I’ve had money just appear on the side of the road or the sidewalk where anyone else could have picked it up, but it was waiting for me.  Oahu is like a mother, a wife and a friend that I love and miss.

All the islands are special, but she is like my mother. The rain in Kahalu, the beautiful rocks at Malekahana, the shrimp ponds and papayas at Laie, huge swells at Sunset and Pipeline plus the magic of Makaha and Yokohama Bay at sunset or under the water.  The warm currents and colorful schools at Electric Beach and walking the tracks across the Ewa plains.  The sense of solemn pride at Pearl Harbor and the feeling of international excitement that stretches from Ala Moana into Waikiki and Manoa while still coloring everything with a local flavor that can only be called Hawaiian.  I miss climbing through the Pali range’s ferns and scrub lehua, looking for the telltale signs of honeycreepers and feeling far too happy every time I saw a mongoose or a chicken.  Crossing via the Pali and back across the H3, which is certainly the most beautiful highway anywhere in the world but calling it an interstate was sure a funny idea.

I miss cruising Kahala Avenue on Sunday mornings to see what the ultra rich were leaving out for the garbage trucks and checking out the G-sales in Kailua on Saturdays for dive gear, vintage boards and all da kine. Yeah, that’s right, I’m homesick but I’m not allowed to go back yet…so will have to wait.

In the meantime, I’m making small plans to get away. Italy in June with a trip to Malta possibly in the works, Spain in July and who knows maybe I can squeeze in a bit of the French Riviera before going to Greece for more sailing in August – even if she could, my wife wouldn’t want to miss the Ramadan fast in July and August but I’ve done that gig enough.

I’d give it all up for Hawaii though, but for that, we have to wait and wait and wait and it’s always possible that we’ll never get the answer we want to hear.