Ditched out of the conference this afternoon and treated myself to a shoeshine from a great Italian guy named Carmelo. he made my $3.50 Johnston and Murphy shoes look like the $500 masterpieces they were before I owned them. We talked about James Bond and sunglasses. Incidentally, I saw the new James Bond movie the other night and loved it. Then I found out who directed it. No wonder. Carmelo told me that Tom Ford gave Daniel Craig ten different pairs of Sunglasses for different scenes. I walked from Union Square to Chinatown and then I got a one day pass on the cable cars. Downhill on these things is crazy, I actually brushed shoulders with a guy hanging on to a trolley going the other way!

Anyway, cruised to Fisherman’s wharf and took pictures of the seals and Alcatraz and other fun things.

Saw the famous guy who hides behind a couple of bushes and then scares people.
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I didn’t bother taking a picture because there are so many on already. It’s sort of the way I feel about taking pictures in general. And yet, I still take them, but I try to make them unique with people (like me…lol).

I am loving the food in San Francisco. Peruvian, Pakistani, Pizza, and good bagels. I can’t believe I haven’t bee-lined to a mission burrito, but it is all so good. I feel like I’m seeing everything I want to while I am here. It’s a great city. fun to walk around and I’ve noticed that whenever I pass a guy in a fedora, we sort of tip our hats at each other and smile discretely. We know that we are gonna have a great depression and when I say great I mean fantastic. Maybe that’s what we should call this era, the Fantastic Depression. I can dig it. So can the bums, I notice fedora’s are in with the bums and as I walk by they like to tell me I’m looking good.
I’m attending a lot of great talks that I will write about on the blog later. I want the conference to be done before I start reviewing the talks I’ve seen. At least twenty five speakers and eight or nine panels so far. Exhausting, so it was nice to take a break and enjoy this great city.

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