happy budget traveler

Vagobond Travel Tip: Finding World Travel Discounts

Now that we are in the age of budget travel, everyone is traveling and everyone is figuring out (or trying to figure out) how to save even more money on their journeys. Whether it’s using airline miles, car hire awards, or travel hacking – there are plenty of discounts out there.
happy budget traveler
Here’s an idea. Create your own savings and discounts. Sound too far out? It’s not. Luxury and boutique hotels, airlines, and even rental cars and tour companies don’t just offer discounts at random. Instead, they usually try to figure out when the low season is and they offer the discounts during those periods. Since you know this, here is a great vagobond travel tip to hopefully save you some cash.

– Many hotels offer long stay discounts. If you plan to stay longer than a week, call the hotel and ask for a discount BEFORE you book. Most hotels will offer you a discount or some days for free for longer bookings, especially during non-peak travel times.

– Sundays and Wednesdays tend to be slow days in most hotels. If you are staying on those days, call ahead and ask for a discount even if you are just staying one night.

– Everyone prefers a direct flight but if you buy a flight with some detours built into it you can save big. In fact, you can even use different airlines. An example is a flight from Fes, Morocco to Istanbul, Turkey with Turkish Airlines will cost about $800 U.S. (or more) but if you take a Ryan Air flight from Fes to Rome and then a Pegasus Airlines flight from Rome to Istanbul it will cost you about $120. You can actually save thousands of dollars doing this sort of thing.

– If you are planning on visiting more than one country, you can save up to 70% by using the round the world travel planner.

– We are in the age of the web and some companies offer up to 50% off the non-web prices if you book online. Don’t forget about Facebook and Twitter either! All of the big travel companies now promote with social media and offer special prices for those who know.

– I hate to admit it, but package deals usually do save you a lot of money. When you combine airfare, hotel, and rental car you can save up to 50%. Once again, this is especially true during non-peak times. By booking with someone like HotelsPanel, you can get everything combined for less.

How do you save money on travel? What are your best money saving tips?