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At the moment as my friend Graham and I head further and further out into the the Outer Sporades of the Greek Islands and into the Abandoned Islands to the north in Aegean, I am in love with this sea and the islands that fill it. We are in Kokinakastro Bay and expecting strong Meltemi winds tonight from the north which could mean an uncomfortable swell from the Southeast, where we are not sheltered.

Kokinakastro Minor, the island outside the bay is interesting in that there have been human remains and tools dating back to 100,00-150,000 B.C.E – on a nearby spit are the ruins of what archaeologists think was the ancient city of Ikos. I’ll write about all of that at some point…for now, for this weeks Vagobond Travel Museum, I will look back at some of my travels in Greece. I will add future adventures and stories in Greece as time goes on…

2011 Greek Sailing

Sailing in the Gulf of Volos

Argonauts, Centaurs, the Golden Fleece and Gods

Mt. Pelion and Makronitsa – Mountain Villages of Magnesia

Amaliapolis and Nies Bay – Stunning Greek Waters

Guesthouses and Hotels of Volos, Greece


Breakfast in Turkey, Lunch in Greece, Dinner in Italy

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