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You never know what you'll find in the PhilippinesI had the pleasure of spending three months in the Philippines back in 2003. During that time I drank tons of absinthe and San Miguel , scuba dived, almost got married to a girl I’d known for only a few hours (hello effects of absinthe) , attempted to mold her poor family into a mead and honey making empire, realized it was the absinthe, and then ran away, got a new girlfriend, and continued to scuba dive, drink San Miguels to excess. I  taught a family on Bohol how to make pizza and then helped them open what may have been the first pizza parlor on Bohol. But actually, all of that is kind of fuzzy because back then, I wasn’t writing things down  the way I do now and the absinthe…. though you can read about it all in the forthcoming Smooth Living which will be published in Spring of 2013.

In the meantime, I’d love to share some articles and websites about and from the Philippines that demonstrate just what kind of awesome the place still is. Because, from what I’ve read and heard – it just keeps getting better. Yes, it really is 7000 islands of awesome. A good starting point is our Philippines Destination Guide, but there is so much to cover in this amazing country that for this Vagabond Travel Museum, I’ve reached out to travel bloggers all over the world. Here is what came from that:

2 Weeks in Manila Down

From Erin Bender of Travel with Bender

A Month in Manila ins an index page and includes Manila with a Toddler, Corrigidor, Boracay, and the Redeeming Qualities of Manila.


From Alexandra Kovakova of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

sour and sweet chicken in Sagbayan Peak restaurantIs Boracay Really a Party Place?

Things to do in Puerto Princesa

20 Things to do in Cebu City

11 Things to do in Bohol…in 2 Days

From Alexandra Pucherelli of Fluent in Frolicking


Alexandra has an index page of tons of things to do in the Philippines but this is her favorite Fear Factor: Swimming With Whale Sharks in Oslob, Philippines


Wandering Educators made an ebook of tips


100 Travel Tips for the Philippines by Rissa Gatdula-Lumontad and Dr. Jesse Voights and – you can read the interview about the book and find links to it at the link above.

Graysa Bangoy has a huge amount of information

Graysa is from the Philippines and has a great Philippines blog filled with videos, photos, trip stories, and offbeat things to do that you would probably never think of – unless you’re a local or happen to be friends with one.

Aleah Phils at Solitary Wanderer also has a nice selection of articles

Solitary Wanderer is one of those blogs that you find and remember forever. Aleah’s Philippines Category is filled with gems like rappelling in Batan and getting a massage in Quezon City…My favorite? The live crucifixon  in San Fernando Pampanga.

From Matt Gibson of … Matt Gibson

Batad Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordillera in IfugaoI know, like me, you’re thinking of Mel Gibson after that crucifixion story (see above) but this is Matt Gibson and he has some great Philippine gems of his own. His favorite?

A photo essay on the Banaue Rice Terraces – I can see why, but I think you should check out his article on midget boxing.

From Jodi Ettenberg of Legal Nomads

Pretty much everything Jodi writes is worth reading but these are her two favorites about the Philippines and so you should definitely read them.

Top 10 Philippine Quirks

Palawan Paradise – El Nido



From Jen Pollack Bianco at My Life’s a Trip

Jen demonstrates her knife skills and why Filipino food is one of the top up and coming cuisines in her piece of a PHilippine cooking course and her walk with Carlo is just fun. As a matter of fact, so is her blog. I recommend it as a great read.

Walk this way Manilia Tours with Carlos Celdran

Food porn in a secret kitchen


Kyle McCarthy at Family Travel Forum offered up this gem

I love the tagline of Kyle’s site “Have kids, still travel” – in this article he offers up some great family resorts in the PI.


Melo Villareal of Out of Town Blog

The Jeepney Arts Festival: A Drive to the Glory Days of a Philippine IconMelo Villareal is my favorite Filipino Travel Blogger. If you haven’t checked out his site Out of Town, you haven’t found the best resource for the Philippines. I think Melo has actually been to all 7000 of his country’s islands. Great tips, photography, and plenty of food – check out this one on Jeepneys


And here are a few more great Philippine stories and tips:

The Visayas Welcome to Boracay

Boracay Diving AdventuresEmerald waters. Long stretches of white-powdery sand beaches backed by palm trees. Warm shallows extending 20 meters or so out to the sea. There are virtually no rocks underwater. Just fine white sand.




10 Things to Do in Manila”

From Chilling out to hiking through World War II battlefields…there’s a lot to do in the Philippines capital city.

Top 10 Hotels in Manila”

Colonial Era glamour to modern era glitz – you will find it in Manila. All of it.

Exploring Ilocos del Norte

Exploring Ilocos del Norte

Northern Luzon has much to offer as there are plenty of beaches down south amidst its scattered islands. Up north is a festival of sights, both natural and man-made, those that are made by nature like beaches and landscapes, and those made by man during the Spanish colonial era and before.

Bicol: Whale Shark Encounter in Sorsogon

Bicol: Whale Shark Encounter in Sorsogon

Of all the tourist attractions in Bicol, nothing can be more thrilling and unique than a close encounter with the sharks in Donsol town, province of Sorsogon. Locally called as butanding, whale sharks are gigantic fish that can reach 18 meters in length and weigh up to 15 tons.

Top 5 Adventure Spots in the Philippines

Top 5 Adventure Spots in the Philippines

The Philippines are filled with great adventures. Here are five that you’ll never forget!

Top 5 Dive Spots in the Philippines

Top 5 Dive Spots in the Philippines

Months from November to May are the best months to spend in the Philippines because this is the time for diving. Below are mentioned five amazing dive spots in the Philippines.

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